A comprehensive guide for
diving in Spain
With Mediterranean to South and Atlantic to North, Spain can be considered as one of the best destinations in the world for people to take part in diving. People from all parts of the world prefer to come to Spain in order to take part in diving. Spain has received much attention for its marine reserves as well. You will be able to find a unique attraction in each and every part of the country. Therefore, diving in Spain can deliver a unique experience to you.
The water temperature offered for divers in Spain differ from one region to another. In fact, the overall water temperature varies in between 10 and 26 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature near the Balearic Island area can increase up to 30 degrees during the summer period. The weather of Spain consists of three different seasons. They include cold mild winters, dry warm summers and Mediterranean.
Diving in Spain is not just limited to experienced divers. Even novice divers can think about taking part in the diving activities. Appropriate training is offered for all the novice divers in order to keep them away from frustration. PADI Underwater Naturalist and PADI Deep Diver are two of those courses, where novice drivers can take part in, with the objective of improving their diving skills.
Spanish is the primary language that is spoken by people who live in Spain. However, English is spoken in the tourist regions of the country. Euro is the currency that is being used in the country and credit cards are widely accepted.
The Medes Islands offer the best diving experience for people who visit Spain. These small islands are located along with the greatest dive sites in Mediterranean. The most unique aspect of these islands is that they were well protected by the marine reserves in the area. As a result, a perfect environment is created for the people to engage with dining. The visibility offered for the divers in Medes Islands is outstanding as well.
The Balearic Islands is another popular destination among divers who visit Spain. However, people who visit these islands reduce during the summer months because of the temperature. These islands are located towards the Eastern side of the mainland. They have been blessed with the lush Mediterranean climate. It would be possible for you to find more than 80 different unique diving regions across the region as well.
When talking about the best diving sites in Spain, one cannot simply forget Baix Empordà of Catalonia. This area can be considered as the home to the prolific sea bass. This is one of the best destinations available in Spain for people to dive. The abundance of sea life has contributed a lot towards the popularity of this area. Due to the location of Baix Empordà of Catalonia, a perfect climate is also offered for the people who take part in dining. Therefore, you can select it as the perfect destination for your next dive.