A comprehensive guide
to diving in Mexico
Quick facts to keep in mind
Mexico can be considered as one of the hottest destinations available for divers. People from every corner of the world tend to visit Mexico to enjoy a fascinating diving experience. If you go for diving in Mexico, you will get the opportunity to explore the hidden reefs of Yucatan peninsula and Sea of Cortez. The other popular destinations available for divers in Mexico include kelp forests in Pacific and shipwrecks in the Caribbean ocean.
Who can visit Mexico for diving?
Mexico offers ideal conditions for both novice as well as experienced divers. The best thing about diving in Mexico is that you will not just be restricted to the salty seas. You can also think about diving in the clear cenotes. If you are a novice diver, you can think about visiting Yucatan because it is protected from heavy currents. The eastern side of Baja California also offers similar conditions, which can assist novice divers to stay away from frustration. If you are an experienced diver, who is looking for adventure, you can think about visiting the offshore islands such as Socorro Island and Guadalupe Island. However, it is important to keep in mind that only experienced divers should go on diving in these places due to raging currents.
When should you go on diving?
Some seasons are ideal for diving in Mexico when compared to others. If you are a person who is planning to visit Socorro Island, you can think about visiting in between November and May. During these months, boats set for sail and people start travelling to the remote island. The condition of Pacific sea is calm during these months and divers will be able to experience a fascinating experience. Moreover, people will be exposed to sunny weather condition and they will have to experience occasional rain showers as well.

On the other hand, people who are planning to go for diving at Guadalupe can think about travelling in the other months. Diving in Guadalupe starts in the month of August and it goes until October. The average temperature during this season is in between 19°C to 22°C. Due to this temperature, Great White Sharks get attracted to Guadalupe. As a result, divers will be able to receive a unique experience.

What are the best destinations available for diving?
Mexico offers something for every person who is interested in diving. Novice divers are encouraged to visit the Gulf of Mexico, whereas advanced divers can think about visiting Guadalupe and Pacific. Here is a list of some of the best diving destinations that you will be able to see in Mexico.

▸ Baja California
▸ Cozumel
▸ Guadalupe island
▸ Pacific coast of Mexico