All you need to know
about diving in Egypt

Are you looking forward to go on diving in Egypt? Then our first advice for you would be to get ready for a fun-filled and an adventurous experience. However, there are few important factors that you should keep in mind when you go on driving in Egypt. In other words, you need to have a basic understanding about how diving in Egypt would be like, before you pack your bags and go on the journey.
Egypt has become a popular destination for divers. The clear water influenced this popularity a lot. The visibility of water that you can see in Egypt would range somewhere in between 50 feet and 230 feet. On the other hand, the water temperature is somewhere in between 70F and 86F. As you can see, favorable conditions are offered for the divers in Egypt. Egypt is a country where you will be able to find a dry and hot weather. However, the northern part of the country becomes cold during the winter. The air temperature usually ranges in between 70F and 104F. Therefore, you will be able to take part in diving throughout the entire year.
You will be able to find two prominent destinations where diving is allowed in Egypt. They include the Red Sea Coast and Sinai Peninsula. Out of these two options, Red Sea Coast can be considered as the most popular one. However, it is important to keep in mind that the reefs that are located near Hurghada are a little crowded when compared to other parts of the area. Red Sea offers an authentic diving experience to all the divers. As a result, experienced divers from every corner of the world visit here throughout the year.
Sinai Peninsula can be considered as one of the biggest tourist hotspots that you will be able to find in Egypt. The southern part of the peninsula us extremely popular among tourists and it is being recognized as one of the best sites in the world for people to dive. It has been declared as a national park since 1983. If you are looking for a place that is not spoilt by tourists, this is one of the best destinations available to consider about. You would love every moment of diving in Sinai Peninsula as well.
Egypt is an excellent destination available for both experienced as well as amateur divers. If you are an amateur diver, plenty of options are available for you to get the required training as well. You can simply take part in such a training program and engage with diving.
Before you visit Egypt, you are encouraged to plan your trip well ahead of the journey. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy a hassle free tour and enjoy diving to the maximum at the best destinations that you can ever imagine about.