Diving will provide an
excellent holiday in Malta
Diving around Malta is a unique and wonderful experience and will help bring joy to your heart. Here in Malta, you will find a number of wrecks, caves, reefs, and walls that you can explore endlessly. It does not matter if you are heading towards Malta for business or pleasure, you must take out a day and explore at least one of the many beautiful diving experiences the place has to offer.

  • Santa Maria Caves - Are a popular site, and located on the north side of Camino. They are widely known for their interesting cave system. In addition, there are 10 caves that are mostly used, and divers come here from all around the world, so they can experience something beautiful. Here you can swim through water tunnels, and even experience wonderful opening that will take your breath away. A place for professional divers, so they can enjoy shallow caves and rich marine life.

  • Reqqa Reef - The Reqq Reef offers a beautiful dive, and offers clear blue waters. Here you will be able to experience a diversity of marine life, so you can easily take in a great range. In addition, here you can easily spot larger groups of barracudas, dentex, and rays. Moreover, the place features a large wall, that is 60 meters and showcases a range of fishes and is covered in sponges.

  • P29 - Here you can experience both a great wreck and a wide variety of marine life. The wreck was sunk of purpose back in 2007 and now features as a great piece. You are requested to stay out of small and tight areas of the wreck, and can easily swim through the rest. So if you love underwater wrecks, then you simply cannot miss this one. As it brings with itself a rich marine life, allowing you the best of both worlds.

  • Blue Hole - The place offers natural blue water and an arch rock. Once you pass the arch, you will be able to swim through a tunnel and see many interesting rock formations. Then you can finally move on to discover a splendid marine life. Here you can easily spot schools of Bream, parrot fish, octopus, Moray Eel, and Lobster. A beautiful site. That offers a remarkable diving experience, that you will not be able to forget easily.

  • Ghar Lapsi - A perfect place to cave dive, even if you are just getting started. Here at Shar Lapsi, you will find quiet and shallow waters; that makes them the perfect place for beginners. If you have more experience, then you can head towards the Ghar Lapsi Cave, where you will be able to see green and blue waters. A stunning image, that you simply cannot miss when in Malta.

These are the top 5 diving sites in Malta, that will take your breath away. The list offers something for everyone, and you will be able to experience places and spaces, that are hard to forget. It does not matter if you are a beginner, or have been diving for years; as Malta has something for everyone.