How to Choose Fins
For Scuba Diving
There are many options when it comes to choosing scuba diving fins, which is why it comes down to a number of things. As each diver has different preferences, it is best to choose a fin-based on your personal preferences. We have listed down a few choices that will help you choose fins for scuba diving.

Open Heel VS. Foot - If you have seen fins before you will know that full foot fins are much like shoes, are ideal if you are not shore diving. In addition, they are lighter than pocket finds, and you will not need diving shoes. So you will be able to save tons of energy when you swim. On the other hand, open heel fins require you to wear diving shoes. These are ideal for shore diving, as you can easily put on the fins when need be.

Straps VS. Buckles - You can attach open heel fins to your feet in a number of ways. If you use a basic buckle, you will be able to put it on to fit your foot inside. However, buckles start to loosen after some time and can lead to you losing the fin while swimming underwater. In addition, some buckles offer a quick release system so you only have to adjust them once. Which makes them easy to put on than straps. When you use straps you will have to adjust them every time, but they offer excellent hold.

Choosing a Blade Style:

There is a range of options when it comes to choosing the right kind of blades, as it all depends on your preference. You can choose them according to swimming style, or weight.

  • Standard Paddle Fin - these are basic flat surface fins, which offer great strength.

  • Jet Fins - also known as channel fins, which feature a number of designs. These are called jet fins because they release water in an efficient manner. These are mostly used by professional or technical divers and are heavier than standard paddle fins. However, their weight allows them to maintain balance, but are not convenient to travel with.

  • Split Fins - these are inspired by fishes, as the split in the middle, which helps reduce drag. They might appear to be too floppy for some, as it depends on your swimming style.

  • Force Fin's - these feature a whale tail design and offer great power. They are light in weight and efficient in use. They offer great use for swimmers who have short and flutter strokes.

  • Hinged Fins - They can be adjusted according to your needs, and offer great use. In addition, they can be used for both shore and sea diving. As you can lift the blade, to help you walk more comfortably.
However, the best way to determine which fin's work for you is by renting them out or trying them on in the shop. As just a few steps will help you see the difference each fin has to offer. Once you have decided what you will be using the fins for, and which ones complement your style, you will be able to pick the perfect match.