The features of
diving in Greece
Diving is a popular activity among all guests who come to Greece. In fact, all the people who visit Greece for diving will be able to take part in their diving activities in a volcanic underwater landscape. The overhangs and caves that you can see under water can make it a memorable experience to you as well.

It would not be possible for you to take part in diving activities in Greece throughout the entire year. There are some restrictions and you need to have a clear understanding about them before you visit. Autumn and spring can be considered as the best times of the year for you to visit Greece and take part in diving activities. During these seasons, you will be able to experience a warm climate in Greece.

Greece became a popular destination among divers after 2005. Even though Greece has got a coastline of over 10,000 miles, only 620 miles out of them were available for the people. However, legislation got changed in 2005 and people were provided with the freedom to explore the other coastal lines.

Greek is the main language spoken by people who live in the country. However, English is also being used by people who are living in tourist regions. Euro is the currency that you will have to use. Credit cards are widely being accepted as well. Therefore, divers will not have to go through a lot of hassle when they are spending money in Greece. Both experienced and novice divers tend to visit Greece. The availability of diving schools throughout the country has contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact. People who are looking forward to get their first diving lessons can attend these schools.

Visibility offered for people who take part in diving activities in Greece is decently high. You will be able to see from six feet up to 165 feet on an average day. The water temperature also lies in a comfortable range, in between 16 to 23 degrees Celsius. Greece has got a Mediterranean climate. Therefore, you can expect to receive a dry and hot weather during the summer months, which range from July to September. During this time period of the year, average temperature lies in between 27 degrees Celsius. However, winter cannot be considered as a good time to take part in diving activities because the temperature would drop to 6 degrees Celsius.

Divers who visit Greece are provided with plenty of resorts to enjoy the stay as well. Out of those resorts, the ones located in Sporades Islands are extremely popular. These resorts offer luxurious facilities for the divers. On the other hand, the resorts in Sporades Islands are located in close proximity to a popular hiking destination in Greece as well. The Kefalonia have also received much attention and a considerable percentage of divers who come into the country prefer to visit there. Dodecanese has also got some of the best resorts for divers who come into the country.